About Us

Our vision, mission and our story

Vision & Mission


Information Technology consulting services need to deliver 'real' value.


itBeans is in the business to provide real value to our customers in the services we provide. We measure ourselves in terms of the the value created by our solutions for our customers not in terms of our revenue or the short living cost savings to the customer through cheap shortcuts. We try to create solutions which provide a long term value.

Our Story

What we do

We provide software solutions and services built around the latest and best fit technology. Our aim is to provide optimum solutions to our customers.

Big Data, Machine Learning, Analytics, Datawarehousing and BI is our focus area combined with web and mobile application development we have created a niche in providing a complete solution. Equally important is our cloud infrastructure services. With these capabilities we deliver a complete set of IT services on the latest technology platform.

We also share our expertise in management consulting. Our best practices in total quality management and talent management are part of our direct service offerings as well as embeded into other services we provide.